ALESSANDRO LEGORA was born in 2011 from the inspiration and creativity of a young Neapolitan entrepreneur, Alessandro Legora De Feo, who still today scrupulously follows every step of the company activities. Thanks to the great managerial skills and to a careful distribution policy, the company has managed to achieve prestigious achievements in less than a decade of history, selling its product in most of the best multi-brand boutiques at a national and as well as an international level. The company boasts a modern structure in which it operates a sizable staff mostly composed of young and capable collaborators who look to the future with a more and more motivated and ambitious eye.


ALESSANDRO LEGORA has always offered a total look dedicated to a feminine and sophisticated woman. In the last few years, the brand has opened its doors to a clientele more young and sensitive to new trends, ever more dynamic, elegant, attentive to details and for these reasons that can recognize the innovative and quality products, valuable in materials and finishes. The strong points of ALESSANDRO LEGORA’s style are the practicality, the elegance, the signed prints, the must black/ white, but nonetheless the colors, and the versatility of the garments made possible by a careful selection of the fabrics. All garments are studied with care and meticulous attention to detail to ensure the sensual, bold and at the same time classy look that characterizes all of them. All the phases of the production cycle, since the design up to the creation of the final product, are rigorously Made in Italy.


Before making each collection ALESSANDRO LEGORA’s creative team carefully analyzes the demands of the fashion market seeking new lines, materials and colors in order to offer its customers garments that meet the needs of the final customers. In addition, the company pays exceptional attention to the choice of suppliers and collaborators, looking for fabrics and accessories that are exclusive and in line with the new fashion trends. In the Styling Lab, there come to life all ideas resulting from the commitment, creativity, inspiration and team exchange of views. The production team studies the ad hoc modeling for each garment proposed by the styling lab and with its expertise succeeds in transforming the rough sketches into the final creations.


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